At GraspHack, we try to explain topics related to Technology, social issues, general awareness, facts, education, knowledge, etc. across worldwide in a simple language about which we talk frequently but hardly anyone amongst us tried to go in-depth to understand their meaning.

Our Mission:

GraspHack aims to empower people with fact-led information on issues that matter to our society but are either ignored or accepted with little questioning. At GraspHack, we tackle sensitive issues using extensive research. Bringing important topics in an interesting way to you is our mission. We raise critical social, political, and environmental issues and educate you on important topics.

Our Vision:

Learning, Awareness, and Education is the purpose of GraspHack. See the world from a new perspective. Ground Reports from across the world will make you more aware, and logical analysis will make you think more critically. Learn how you can make the world a better place!