Hackers Demand RS. 500 Crore ($70M) to Restore Data Held by Companies Hit in the Mass Cyberattack.

Hackers Demand RS. 520Crore ($70M) Hit in the Mass Cyberattack.

You must have gone crazy after hearing this news that hackers are demanding Rs 500Crore ransom to restore the data held by the companies hit in the mass cyberattack. Hackers are very clever, no matter how much security companies have, they can easily hack it.




  • Hackers seek Rs 520Crore to restore the data of companies affected by massive cyber attacks.
  • Hundreds of companies, schools, small public sector bodies, travel, and leisure organizations are among the hits.
  • Hackers ask for money through Bitcoin.


Hackers Demand RS. 520Crore ($70M) to restore data held by companies hit in the mass cyberattack.


Kasia, a leading Miami-based IT software provider, has been cyber-attacked by hackers. Hackers sought Rs 520 crore ($70 million) to stop data leaks after a cyberattack that affected hundreds of companies. The supply chain ransomware attack was against Cassia. And the hackers demanded money to protect the stolen data from being leaked via Bitcoin.


The demand was posted on a blog commonly used by the Revil cybercrime gang, a group linked to Russia that is counted among the world's biggest extortionists of cybercriminals.


Alan Liska of cybersecurity firm Recorded Future said that "the message was almost certainly from Reville's core leadership". But this was not known at first because the gang has an affiliated structure that makes it difficult to determine who is speaking on behalf of the hackers,


The gang has attacked Miami-based information technology firm Kasia and used their access to breach the clients of some of its clients, causing a chain reaction that immediately locked the computers of hundreds of firms around the world.  A Kasia company executive said the company was aware of the hackers' ransom demands but did not immediately return other messages seeking comment. Cybersecurity firm ESET said in its research that about a dozen different countries have been affected by this cyber attack.


Meanwhile, after the incident, US President Joe Biden has directed that all the resources of the US government be used for the investigation.

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