Most Common Questions Asked for Cyber Security Jobs

Most Common Questions Asked for Cyber Security Jobs

Most Common Questions Asked for Cyber Security Jobs

1. What is the main driver for security audits and pen tests?


2. Can you explain what a great scoping process looks like?


3. What is an IT security audit?


4. What is the main reason why organizations don’t fix the penetration test findings?


5. What’s the difference between high and critical vulnerability findings?


6. What is an RFC?


7. What is your favorite exploit?


8. What type of systems should be audited?


9. How would you bypass AV?


10. Why are the roles important when testing API’s?


11. What’s the difference between testing mobile and web applications?


12. What’s the difference between testing web applications and API?


13. Have you worked in a virtualized environment?


14. What is the most difficult part of auditing for you?


15. Describe the most difficult auditing procedure you’ve implemented.


16. What is change management?


17. What were some of the findings in one of the last times you tested an incident response plan?


18. What types of RFC or change management software have you used?


19. What do you do if a rollout goes wrong?


20. How do you manage system major incidents?


21. How do you ask developers to document changes?


22. How do you compare files that might have changed since the last time you looked at them?


23. Can you explain the three types of network review?


24. How would you conduct a password audit?


25. Name a few types of security breaches.


26. What is a common method of disrupting enterprise systems?


27. What are some security software tools you can use to monitor the network?


28. What should you do after you suspect a network has been hacked?


29. How can you encrypt email to secure transmissions about the company?


30. What document describes steps to bring up a network that’s had a major outage?


31. How can you ensure backups are secure?


32. What are your thoughts on automated penetration testing?


33. What is one way to do a cross-script hack?


34. How can you avoid cross script hacks?


35. How do you test information security?


36. What is the difference between black box and white box penetration testing?


37. What is a vulnerability scan?


38. In pen-testing what’s better, a red team or a blue team?


39. Why would you bring in an outside contractor to perform a penetration test?


40. What does PCI-DSS say about pen testing?


41. How would you deliver a social engineering security test?


42. Why is an incident response plan important?


43. How do you test the security of cloud services like Salesforce or Amazon AWS?


44. What are the three first steps when responding to a ransomware attack?


45. What does lockpicking have to do with security testing?


46. How would you test an ATM or smart parking meter?


47. What are the biggest bounties you have earned?


48. Can you name a few EDR tools?


49. What is your favorite physical security testing tool or device?


50. What would be the topic of phishing emails if you would send it today?


51. At what stage do you usually engage with the developers?


52. At what stage of the development lifecycle, you should do the security testing?


53. What is the difference between security audit and penetration test?


54. Can you explain the biggest challenge while doing a security test and how did you overcome that?


55. You managed to hack the smart thermometer in the casino, how would you make your way to the high-roller database and back?


56. Why is Tesla paying million of dollars for bugs/vulnerabilities?

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