Most Common Questions Asked for Security Architect Role

Most Common Questions Asked for Security Architect Role

Common Questions Asked for Security Architect Role

Most Common questions asked for Security Architect Role


1. Explain data leakage and give examples of some of the root causes.


2. What are some effective ways to control data leakage?


3. Describe the 80/20 rules of networking.


4. What are web server vulnerabilities and name a few methods to prevent web server attacks?


5. What are the most damaging types of malware?


6. What’s your preferred method of giving remote employees access to the company network and are there any weaknesses associated to it?


7. List a couple of tests that you would do to a network to identify security flaws.


8. What kind of websites and cloud services would you block?


9. What type of security flaw is there in VPN?


10. What is a DDoS attack?


11. Can you describe the role of security operations in the enterprise?


12. What is layered security architecture? Is it a good approach? Why?


13. Have you designed security measures that span overlapping information domains? Can you give me a brief overview of the solution?


14. How do you ensure that a design anticipates human error?


15. How do you ensure that a design achieves regulatory compliance?


16. What is capability-based security? Have you incorporated this pattern into your designs? How?


17. Can you give me a few examples of security architecture requirements?


18. Who typically owns security architecture requirements and what stakeholders contribute?


19. What special security challenges does SOA present?


20. What security challenges do unified communications present?


21. Do you take a different approach to the security architecture for a COTS vs a custom solution?


22. Have you architected a security solution that involved SaaS components? What challenges did you face?


23. Have you worked on a project in which stakeholders choose to accept identified security risks that worried you? How did you handle the situation?


24. You see a user logging in as root to perform basic functions. Is this a problem?


25. What is data protection in transit vs data protection at rest?


26. You need to reset a password-protected BIOS configuration. What do you do?

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