CryptoLocker Ransomware- Everything You need to Know

CryptoLocker Ransomware Everything You need to Know

CryptoLocker Ransomware

What is cryptoLocker?

This is a virus called CryptoLocker and it comes under the category of virus called ransomware which means they want your money which is the target of this virus. This is a ransomware Trojan horse that targets computers running Microsoft Windows. Its existence was first known on 5 September 2013.


It is a relay debilitating virus that has been circulating on the internet for less than a month. It has infected more than 10,000 computers in just 1 month and it will continue to spread. It encrypts your files and demands bitcoin as payment, which usually ranges from 0.05 to 0.2 bitcoin (300$ to 1200$).


How CryptoLocker Works?

Cryptolocker is mainly spread through email. It can also be contracted through the website. This is usually delivered through an infected email attachment and a link from an unknown sender. Once a victim email recipient clicks on an infected link or attachment, the malware encrypts the files and stores the key on its servers.


It works like this. Once you get this virus it destroys extensively throughout your computer and it encrypts all your data, documents photos named by you. So what happens is that even after you've removed the virus, you can't open any of your belongings.


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How to Prevent from CryptoLocker?

1. The biggest thing that can defeat ransomware is regularly updated backups.

2. Use the Cryptolocker Prevention Kit.

3. Patch or update your software regularly.

4. Use System Restore to Revert to a Known Clean State.

5. Avoid clicking on spam messages or links on unknown websites.

6. Do not give your personal information to anyone.

7. Do not open suspicious email attachments. Especially those sent through email.

8. Do not use open Wi-Fi.

9. Use VPN services on public Wi-Fi networks.

10. Use an anti-virus.

11. Educate your employees about CryptoLocker.

12. Install software only from reputable sources.


How to Remove CryptoLocker?

This is how cryptoLocker looks like-

Do Not Continue to Remove CryptoLocker Virus Unless:

1. You have a clean backup copy of your files stored in a different place (e.g. an unplugged hard disk)

2. You don’t need the encrypted files because they are not so important to you.

3. You want to give it a try to restore your files using the shadow copies feature.


Cryptolocker Ransomware Removal Guide

Step 1- Reboot your computer and log on to windows in safe mode with networking. To get into windows safe mode with networking, press the “F8” key as your computer is booting up (before the appearance of the windows logo).

Step 2- Go to and download the following programs:

1. Malwarebytes antimalware

2. Rogue Killer

Step 3- Stop and clean malicious running processes with Rogue Killer.

Step 4- Clean malicious files and registry entries with Malwarebytes antimalware.

Step 5- Enable hidden files view.

Step 6- Delete CryptoLocker malicious files.

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