Difference between Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security vs Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking and cybersecurity have been key in making sure that our data online is secure, to make sure users are authenticated, to make sure that your data and privacy concerns are all kept safe when your data is out there online, but the question right now to ask is, Is there a difference between ethical hacking and cybersecurity?


Let’s take a quick look at the agenda.


Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Let’s take a quick look at what ethical hacking is. It has the term hacking in it which might lead you to think that it is something illegal, something which is not supposed to be done, unauthorized all of this.


Let me change your opinion on this because ethical hacking involves using white hat hackers to check system integrity, find all the flaws that exist in a product in a company in a network whatever it is to make sure that there are no other breaches as well. White hat hackers are people who are hired by the company, Ethical hackers are hired by the company itself, where they are part of the company that is working for.


What ethical hackers do?....Hacking!!!


They would do this to find out and see if there is anything that’s lacking in the company. If you can sit, hack, and find these potential anomalies and fix them up, then there’s a good chance that there is no other actual hacker who would do it because if you’re doing it you’re doing it just to test your security methodologies, but if someone else is doing it means that he or she can completely wipe out a lot of important data, get access, privacy breaches, a lot more things.


So to avoid all of that, we use ethical hacking and one of the other things that you need to know about ethical hacking is that it’s one of the most rapidly growing IT careers in today’s world because at the end of every company out there needs security. We on social media lookout for so many things in the cases of privacy, in the cases of security, and whatnot. Now if you consider the data that’s coming in from thousands and thousands of companies across speed military data, product data, regular data, whatever it is you have to safeguard all of this, and to do that we need to keep testing things to see if the current methodologies work or not and to do that ethical hacker do it well.


Now talking about the legality of ethical hacking, ethical hacking is completely legal, what’s not legal is black hat hacking.


Black hat hacking is when you use methodologies to hack into a system, a machine, a product, or a company to make use of it and with an ulterior motive so black hat hacking uses a lot of technology a lot of methodologies that are not good hence the name black hat hacking.


White hat hacking is when we hire hackers and these guys are the ones who use the right methodologies the right tools, the right techniques to work their way structurally into the system to breach the system basically and to show where that the security methodologies are lacking. Comparatively, if you compare both white hat and black hat hackers, it creates another generation of hackers they call grey hat hackers where they use both black hat techniques and they could use a lot of methodologies from white hat hacking as well but in the end of the day what you should know about ethical hacking is that it’s completely legal it’s completely necessary to hack our own companies to see where there are chances of other people attacking and to fix them.


Introduction to Cyber Security

Well cybersecurity, I’m sure you guys already know what it is because at the end of the day cybersecurity is one of these huge fields that we have put into place where we are using it to create a lot of policies, methodologies, techniques, tools all these being done to make sure we safeguard the data from unauthorized access.


Now you might be wondering well is this different from ethical hacking because there are too we are trying to safeguard the data. Cybersecurity is also talking about safeguarding the data. Well, as you’ll see in the in-depth comparison, you will understand why there are differences between cybersecurity and ethical hacking as well. One thing you should know about cybersecurity is that it is the most important thing that we require. See ethical hacking can be considered as a part of cybersecurity itself but cybersecurity is the big cloud as I told you even small devices like our mobile phones, smartwatches, whatever it is, we have some sort of security that’s put into place, because we know if things can go wrong people will misuse it. It’s not that everyone will misuse it but there are certain negative elements that we have to think about as well.


To make sure all of that doesn’t happen we have cybersecurity. So cybersecurity expert creates security policies for a company so he or she puts into place a couple of rules and regulations saying this is how things should be done if we should avoid getting hacked and then there’s something called as a risk register that they take care of. So risk register is a diary which consists of all the data points which can be breached or which are almost breachable so you know this area like the weak points in the building of or an apartment of something and people actually take a note of that to make sure they fix it down the line that’s a risk register so a cybersecurity expert will oversee the creation and the maintenance of the risk registers as well, and then you know of course you know today’s technology is tomorrow’s obsolete and especially in the world of cybersecurity to make sure you’re one step ahead of all the hackers you need to have the capability to learn new things rapidly pace yourself and make use of new technologies to the best of their abilities as well. So on that particular case, a cybersecurity expert has the capability to learn new technology and use it thoroughly as well, and I mentioned ethical hacking goes hand in hand with cybersecurity then the difference but this doesn’t mean the difference doesn’t exist because there’s a huge difference between ethical hacking and cybersecurity in the approach and a lot of other points as we’ll be discussing.


Comparison between ethical hacking and cybersecurity


1. Mode of working of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

See what happens with ethical hacking is that ethical hacking concerns the company people themselves, beaching their security methodologies that are created by cybersecurity experts. They create certain firewalls they created barriers and all of that then later the same company will hire ethical hackers to make sure to find ways on how they can you know breach barriers and break down the firewalls. So it's a game between these two guys to be very honest with you because as I told you a cybersecurity professional can recognize and resolve any sort of issues that are present but then there might be some things that are not visible to the naked eye for a cybersecurity expert. There may be back door approaches that one can take into the company this is where an ethical hacker comes into the picture.


2. End Goal of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

Ethical hacking is completely concerned about exploiting the company itself see exploiting in a good way and not a bad way understand that because her we’re trying to find out all the weak points and in fact, we are just demonstrating total failure and security and if you are wondering they aren’t that a bad thing no here it's a good thing because we are very good ethical hackers has the capability of hacking the organization and you know showing the failure. The victory aspect of ethical hacking is to show failure in the company. Because once you know that there is a failure you can have cybersecurity experts fix that.


So what cybersecurity experts do? Well this entire field, in general, is completely concerned about you know the creation of policies first of all after the policies have been created you have to make sure that there is no unauthorized use of these policies or any sort of violation in these policies that will lead to the unauthorized access of the people as well so in that particular cases cybersecurity people create the policies ethical hackers make sure to find a way to destroy and work their way into the company with bypassing all of these security measures then they report it to the cybersecurity team and the cybersecurity team fixes it. This goes on in iteration.


3.  The production environment of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

See what actually happens is, with ethical hacking we try to evaluate the system based on all the policies that already exist. These policies have been created by cybersecurity experts that ethical hackers use and evaluate and to see how they can get into the system. What cybersecurity is completely doing in the case of the production environment in the company is that these guys will take care of the auditing of all the security technologies that get implemented you need to audit it you need to keep it in check and make sure that as a cybersecurity expert you’re not leaving any room for any sort of unauthorized hacking in that particular cases this is exactly how it is a work in a production environment too, a cybersecurity team involves auditing the security technologies while Ethical hacking is completely concerned with the security policies that are already existent in the company and that’s a very important difference that you have to know about because cybersecurity experts can create new policies while ethical hacking experts can-not. they have to work with the existing ones that are there and break them.


4. Reporting of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

In both of these fields let me tell you that reporting is very important because ethical hacking involves the creation of very thorough documentation to show what loopholes are present in this. So ethical hacking completely involves creating very thorough documentations because using that documentation is how you will explain to the company members the people who are not into security the people who are probably a non-technical audience saying ”hey this is where things have gone wrong this is we think that we picked up we could lead to a vulnerability so get it fixed” so to do all of that you need to have very good documentation skill and of course ethical hackers have this skill as well but will you require so much of documentation for cybersecurity? well let me tell you cybersecurity is all about maintainability, so having the documentation of how things are going day today is more important rather than having things that are not in the scope of cybersecurity there as well, So to keep your documentation in check and to keep your daily working in check, you will have documents but these documents are more concerned about maintainability rather than the daily operation as well. so in terms of reporting ethical hacking has a bit of an advantage or an edge here because of the thorough documentation that it offers.


5. Client usage of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

Well, ethical hacking as I just told you it involves showing the weakness of a product. So when you have a client who comes to you saying hack my product you’re going to take all the measures all the tools all the techniques you are going to hack into the client and you are going to show hey this is where the weakness is this is how I breached into the system this is how people can potentially breach into the system so make sure you protect these. A cybersecurity expert takes a very different approach here all we are trying to show is the latest methodologies the latest techniques that we have and how best we can implement them to safeguard all the technology that we have to make sure that you know we don't give a chance to hackers to hacks. That’s the pretty simple difference that lies in between how clients approach an ethical hacking expert and cybersecurity experts and what they get at the end of it as well.


6. Problem Solving of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

problem solving is a very important thing because with ethical hacking we take an approach of attacking stance because here ethical hacking expert will show you how an attack can be launched how it can be succeeded against a company or an individual or whatever it is and how data can be stolen without their permission but with cyber security what er’re trying to talk about as we are trying to show if there is any violation in the policies that exist that might lead to that as well but then if there are no violation in the policies if all the security measure are right if all the policies are right and if they’re perfect it means there is no requirement for an ethical hacker because your cyber security methodologies and tools techniques are bulletproof then you would not require the collectors, that's not the case, we are hiring more ethical hackers these days than cyber security experts and there’s reason for that no matter how good your cyber security methodology gets as there’s a code that says for every lock there is a key and for every lock which is probably a cyber security firewall a hacker will know how to work around the key, so in that particular cases ethical hacking is very important in solving the problems.


7. Data access of ethical hacking and cybersecurity

See what happens is that, with ethical hackers, they need to hunt for new methods; they need to hunt for novel things to hack into an already existing security system. An ethical hacker if he is a person who is sourced out of the company itself he or she might not have the access to complete working of the company, so he or she is just given the task to see how you can get into the system and breach the network but an already existing cybersecurity expert in the company will have complete access to the system so they will know it thoroughly in and out so this is where the expertise of an ethical hacker will come to the picture. It doesn’t mean that you know a cybersecurity professional is not an expert because the cybersecurity methodologies of today are almost bulletproof. And at the end of the day, there’s a lot of things that can be beaten and the cybersecurity system is of these things as well. So ethical hackers need to have the capability to work completely out of their comfort zone while cybersecurity people, will have all the access to the tools methodologies techniques whatever you name it and they have to work with that.

I hope your doubt or confusion between ethical hacking and cyber security is sort out.

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