Why people follow Astrology and Is Astrology Good or Bad?

Is Astrology Good or Bad? Science of Astrology

Is Astrology Good or Bad?

It shouldn't be surprising, many of us are superstitious, and we follow astrology.


But the more surprising thing is that youngsters who considered being scientific and rational are moving towards astrology.


There are common questions on astrology like is Astrology based on science, or it is just an art, is astrology real and good, or is astrology depends on superstitions?

A 2019 survey conducted among the young adults of the U.S. found that 75% of millennials believe in astrology and 65% check their horoscope regularly. 


Astrology has become a booming online business as America spends $2 billion on astrology every year. Many investors are investing in businesses related to astrology.


Young adults use astrology to seek answers to some of their life questions, like would I get a government job? What had been the fate of my startup? How to get my love life to progress? Would I do well in my exams?


Honestly, I have observed this around me, many people are relying on astrology apps and services. So why people are following astrology?


Why People follow Astrology?

Why Astrology is Popular


According to a survey by the American psychological association, millennials have been the most stressed generation since 2014. For those who don't know who millennials are, those who are born between 1981 and 1996. It was found during a survey that 1 out of 5 young adults showed symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Young adults are stressed by their jobs, academics, and relationship. It can have negative consequences. The most common cause of death among young adults is suicide. When people get stressed, they might seek relief in astrology.



Uncertainty means how uncertain we are about our future.

Psychology suggests that humans have a tendency to be curious about their future we want to know what will happen in our future where and how far the future will unfold? The reason why people love astrology is that it predicts our future. Why our youngsters following astrology because our world is becoming more and more uncertain.



Years ago you had to flip a newspaper or consult an astrologer to know your horoscope but the internet and social media have changed this. There are over 200 astrology apps in app store.


The relationship that has been created between the internet and astrology reflects in the real life.


Astrology isn't the only way to seek relief from the uncertainty and stress in our lives. There are many forms of astrology like parrot card, crystal ball reading, etc. are also growing popular among young adults.


So we discussed people are following astrology due to stress, uncertainty, and the internet.


Now let's try to understand how astrology solves problems. It removes uncertainty as we discussed before.


How does Astrology help?

  • Luck and randomness play an important role in our lives. We don't like this randomness. We don't like the uncertainty of the world around us. That's why people follow astrology, as it can eliminate this randomness. 


  • Astrology offers a chance to put the blame on something else. Research has shown that when you lost your job or face a crisis in the stock market or have a breakup, you feel better if an astrologer tell you that it's all off because of the miss alignment of stars and planets.


  • Astrology gives self-confidence. Astrologers like that best friend who keeps you encouraging likes don't worry, it's just the face of hardship. Future is something right for you.


In reality, nothing changes in your life, you are just being told that you have a glorious future ahead. It's called the placebo effect.


This could happen with many of us because we are scientific and rational in our reasoning, so we may not believe in astrology, but we also want to read a positive horoscope because of our innate mentality.


Now the interesting fact is that...


Astrology apps are changing their marketing strategy to target people like us.


For example, co-star one of the most popular astrology app claims that they use data provided by NASA.


It's interesting, as they are appealing to people who believe in science and consider NASA to be a reputed institute and won't mind reading astrology.


Is Astrology Bad?

As we discuss the placebo effect of astrology, it can help improve someone's test score, but astrology has many negative consequences too.


Many of the time people become obsessed with astrology and their horoscope. This can also lead to another issue known as external locus of control.


It means that people start believing that their life depends on external factors, and they have no control over them. This mentality can be dangerous.


How to Stop Addiction to Astrology?

Believing in astrology isn't bad things, we discussed the positive aspect of astrology. It can relieve stress and make you confident, but depending more on astrology can be dangerous.


What is the solution? You can consider three things.


1. Accept uncertainty, you need to accept the fact that you don't have 100% control over your life, and we can never predict our future.


2. Consider professional service, astrology might counter stress and depression, but it's not the only way you can seek therapy. Mental health is a broad field and professionals can help you solve your problems related to your job, love life, and other factors that are making you depressed.


3. Maintain a good work-life balance, the primary cause of stress in our life is our work life. Many customers are asking questions related to their career to astrologer. Rather than consulting astrologer, you could see a counselor or mentor who could help you out. By maintaining a good work-life balance, we can solve these problems. Hopefully, we speak only the positive aspect of astrology, i.e. confidence and not negative ones such as depression.

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