6 Types of Hackers

6 Types of Hackers

For most people, the word ‘Hacker’ is quite confusing. For them, two types of hackers exist; Good hackers and Bad hackers. But in technical terms, hackers are categorized according to their level and their way of work. Cybersecurity jobs pay a very well amount to white hat hackers, and we all know how black hat hackers make money.


Basically, there are 6 types of hackers.


White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are ethical hackers, who can be certified hackers and is the good man hacker. They do hacking to build and improve code and find flaws and/or other risks in systems, databases, etc. He either fixes them or submits his search so that they can be fixed. Most white hats or a good percentage of them are improvised black caps. They work to capture the black hat and eliminate security risks and live a good life. They are also called pen-testers.


Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hackers are the exact opposites of White Hat hackers. They hack into the system illegally. They don't have permission from business or website owners, yet they try to hack those assets. These make money from skimmers and steal information. These hackers are the ones you find on the deep web or create superviruses like the Conflickr virus or Stuxnet. Their hacking only has malicious intent. They are behind different cyber crimes most of the time.


Grey Hat Hacker

Grey Hat Hackers are a mix of both white and black hat hackers. For example, they hack legally during the day employed by a security firm to conduct penetration testing, but at night they hack illegally where they are not allowed. That's why they have a grey hat because they do both illegal and legal things.


Blue Hat Hacker

Blue hat hackers do not care about money and fame, they hack for personal revenge from a person, employer, institution, or government. Blue hat hackers use malware and perform various cyber-attacks on their enemies' servers/networks to damage their data, websites, or devices. And Blue hat hackers are security professionals who work outside the organization.


Red Hat Hacker

Red hat hackers are like white hat hackers. Red Hat hackers want to save the world from evil hackers. But they choose extreme and sometimes illegal ways to achieve their goals. Red Hat hackers are the elusive Robin Hood of the cybersecurity field who chooses the wrong path to do the right thing.


Green Hat Hacker

Grey Hat hackers are amateurs in the online world of hacking. Consider them script kiddies but with a difference. These novices have the aspiration to become complete hackers and are very eager to learn. You can find them in hacking communities showering questions on their fellow hackers.


You can identify them by their spark to learn more about the hacking trade. Once you answer a single question, the hackers will listen with undivided attention and ask another question until you answer all their questions.


Hacking is secure and exponentially growing career. It depends on you, how you make money. Illegal money never lasts long.

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