The Indian who Invented Radio Jagdish Chandra Bose

J.C. Bose The Great Indian Scientist

Who is your favourite scientist?


Albert Einstein? Isaac Newton? Maybe Nicola Tesla?


If you asked Google who invented the radio, you get GUGLIELMO MARCONI in 1896. He sent a radio message from one point to another, and he won a Nobel Prize for his contribution.


But the truth is, a few years before Marconi’s invention, in India there was a successful demonstration of radio waves, but we did not credit him for it.


This Scientist used not only radio, but millimeter waves, which make 5G technology possible in today’s times in his experiments.


This scientist's name is AACHARYA JAGDISH CHANDRA BOSS, who is the father of wireless communication. 


30th November is his birthday and i want to tell a love story. “His love story with India”. Our story begins in 19th century when there was a trend between the Indian elite. A trend to be as “English” as they could.


But J C Bose’s father educated him in a Bengali medium school.


According to his father, a child should first make his/her roots strong and then embrace the world.


A language should be a bridge, not a barrier. It is your talent, not your language that makes you successful and that’s true.


JC Bose’s college life started with a failure. He was sent to the University of London to be a doctor.


But for a man of science, the blood in medical was way too much. He left medicine and moved to physics.


If he wanted, JC Bose could have stayed back in England. But after he completed his education, he came back to India to teach Physics to Indian students. He used to take a salary of Rs 100 per month.


India was a British colony then. Indians would get 1/3rd the salary of their British Counterparts!


No fund for research, Tiny Labs for work. Even after working in this cramped condition. A light that is invisible to our naked eye but can go across walls.


Jagadish Chandra Bose, the Indian scientist who pioneered wireless communication in the 1890s.


That’s the base for radio, remote control, with 5G. In fact, Jagadish Chandra Bose, the man who invented a radiowave receiver that Marconi made the first radio with.


Bose believed that science should be for everyone, and he didn’t patent his device.

He believed his inventions should be to make technology better.


Also, do you know? 


J.C. Bose was the world’s first scientist to prove that plants also have feelings that we have.


How Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants have life 115 years ago? 


We feel happiness, sadness, and a range of other emotions. Trees and plants also feel emotion like us.


He conducted a lot of experiments to prove his claim. Out of all of his experiments, this one is my favorite. 


He divided his lab into two parts and kept plants on each side.


He used to curse the plants on one side every single day.


He played classical music and spoke lovingly to the other plants.


After a few days, he noticed that the plants were drying out in the first half.


While the plants on the other side started growing very fast.


He invented an instrument that shows plant growth and development under different conditions.


Trees understand what we say, and they even communicate with other plants and trees.


This is proven fact today.


Trees share information with other through their roots. Big trees share nutrients with smaller shrubs and trees, and they even warm surrounding trees when insect attack.

This network called WOOD WILD WEB.


It doesn’t matter who gets the credit for this idea.


I feel proud to say that when the World even don't knew about climate change, an Indian scientist proving to the world that plants, shrubs, and trees can feel like us, and we share this world with trees, it is theirs as much as it is ours.


Whoever may get the credit of radio & wireless communication.


I feel proud to say that the current technology is because of JC Bose, and so many others like him.


They were being underground as long as they were making the foundations of this world strong.


When we talk about modern world scientists, we hear about Albert Einstein, Newton and Tesla, but we should hear about like J.C. Bose scientists too.


I feel proud to say that India produced scientists like Acharya JC Bose who believed in inventions not in patents who kept knowledge open and not secret and didn’t love credit; they loved science.        

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