The Origin of Water on Earth: How was Water Formed on Earth? How Old is Water on Earth?

Water On Earth

The mention of a terrible flood is found in the Hindu religious story, similar stories are in Christianity, Islam, and other religions. These stories are very old and it shows that we have been battling floods since long ago.


When a flood occurs, water becomes a threat to life.


But it is water that keeps us alive.


When we are looking at the possibility of life on another planet, our eyes first look for water.


Percentage of Water on Earth 

On average, 60% of our body is of water and 71% of the Earth's surface is full of water that is why the Earth is known as Blue Planet. There is no such amount of water in our solar system and on other planets than on Earth. 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water and 2.5% of the water of the earth’s freshwater is unavailable.  


Origin of Water on Earth

First of all, we should know about the formation of water in the universe. We see flowing water, ice, and steam. But the designated substance in chemistry is H2O.


The H2O has three names, according to its three states:

  • If it is liquid, it is called water
  • If it is solid, it is ice
  • If gas, it is steam


H2O is composed of three atoms, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.


How was Water Formed on Earth?

According to science, the universe started with a blast about 13.8 billion years ago, the name of this explosion is the Big Bang. And then the first and most simple atom hydrogen was found. Fusion of hydrogen at a heavy temperature forms helium, and then fusion of hydrogen and helium formed the rest of the elements. One of them was oxygen, later oxygen, and hydrogen together formed a bond. The bonding of Oxygen and hydrogen forms molecules, which is named H2O.


How Old is Water on Earth?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some theories try to show the way for water to reach the earth, let us look at that two popular and interesting theories.


The first theory, the Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago, the Earth and the sun formed 9.2 billion years after that, when the Earth was being formed, the water molecules were deposited on the rocks from which the Earth was being formed. The Earth's surface was very hot, water present on the surface was dried up. The water presents inside the Earth remains. Later, when the water evaporated from the heat inside, the atmosphere was formed on the earth. The atmosphere stopped the steam from moving away from the earth, and then it rained from the clouds formed in the atmosphere, and that water collected on the earth.


The second theory says that water came from outside on the earth. The heat was only in the planets near to the sun, and the rocks which are away from the sun i.e., the asteroids and the comets were cold, here the water was saved, later the asteroids and the comets collided with the Earth and brought water.


The second theory is more accepted in the circle of science. Most scientists believe that from both ways water came to the earth but more water came from outside.


Why is there water on earth and not on other planets?

There is a lot of water present on the earth because the temperature is very right for the water to remain on the earth. Mercury and Venus are very close to the sun, they are very hot and Mars which is away from the sun remains cold. The Earth is at a perfect distance, so the temperature here is very right and therefore the water is present here. 70% of the Earth's surface is filled with water but only 2.5% is potable water.

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