Coronavirus Shortages: Black Marketing of Blood Plasma

Black Marketing of Blood Plasma

The Coronavirus crisis in India is intensifying, it’s the worst outbreak for any country, and India’s hospitals are close to collapse. They are running out of medication, oxygen, and beds.


It suggested that plasma therapy help to create antibodies in patients to fight against coronavirus.


For those who don’t know about plasma therapy, in brief, plasma therapy involves the transfusion of blood of a recovered COVID-19 patient to another infected person.


We all know about the black marketing of oxygen at this time, which should not happen.


But you will be shocked to know that people are also selling plasma.


The coronavirus shortages have created a black market of plasma for patients trying to get blood plasma from those who have recovered.


Those who have plasma which they can donate to save lives are lifesavers.


But some of those people are using this as money making opportunity and trying to extract lakhs of rupees or thereabouts from those who desperately need plasma at this moment.


Selling blood and paying donors is illegal in India, but blood is in constant short supply at India's hospitals.


Therefore, patients and families often turn to alternative sources such as buying blood plasma from unauthorized donors.


The trade has taken an ugly turn as the COVID-19 outbreak has worsened.


Blood donors who can prove that they had COVID-19 are allegedly charging hefty sums of money from willing buyers.


Screenshots of text message exchanges between alleged buyers and sellers of blood plasma and investigation of police or media reporters are circulating on social media parking public outcry.


In an economy hit hard by the pandemic, the black market for blood plasma becomes a lifeline for many cash-strapped workers because a bag of blood can be sold for a price equivalent to a year's wages.


This proves that humans are very greedy.


I know at this moment people are tensed about their loved ones. They are not thinking about money.


But do you know there are negative consequences if you are taking plasma from black market.


When we talk about the black market, they usually do it in a rush and is a quick action process.


And if anyone has a family member in the ICU or in critical care, there is no doubt that they will have time to cross-check and test the donated plasma.


This can lead to other diseases.


In my opinion and especially in the opinion of many doctors, getting blood plasma from the black market is not a good idea at all.


The government has advised people not to pay money for the plasma.


Government is also setting up more centers for the collection of blood plasma through proper screening.


I know your love for your family member is likely to pushing you to the black market for a quick remedy.


But try to understand that it can turn the situation into the worst condition.


And for those who are involved in this black market, I just want to say, you are killing humanity.

Karma will pay off all your sins!


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