Top 10 Coronavirus Myths That You Should Not Follow

Coronavirus Myths And Science

Now is a great time to practice social distancing in real life and from unverified WhatsApp forwards.


COVID-19 rapidly spreading across the world, leading WHO to call it a pandemic, is a point of major concern for all countries. And during a time like this, spreading unsubstantiated stories and medically unproven 'myths' isn't helping anyone.


Here's how much truth is there is behind some of the most popular WhatsApp/social media myths.


Top 10 Coronavirus Myths And Their Reality


1) Hot water, gargling, and sunbathing will kill the virus

There is no evidence to prove this as of now. It's great to gargle and drink hot water, and if you are going sunbathing for tan, wear sunscreen. But no evidence suggested that this kills the virus.


2) Hot and humid climate kill the COVID-19 virus

WHO says the coronavirus can be transmitted in all areas, including the area with hot and humid weather. So no matter what the climate or season, adopt precautionary measures and practice basic hygiene.


3) Using a sanitizer is the same as washing your hands with soap

Sanitizers are not an alternative to washing your hands. Nothing is an alternative to washing your hands.

If you're in a home, wash your hands, if you are traveling on the road, always carry a sanitizer.


4) Pets can get COVID-19

As of now, this is a 'human virus' and only human to human transmission has been reported.


5) You can get coronavirus from important packages

There is no evidence to suggest that this strain of the virus can survive long enough on a package coming from another country.


6) Not eating non-vegetarian food will protect you from COVID-19

Again, even though the virus is said to have originated in the wet animal market of Wuhan, China, the transmission is said to be human-to-human only.

There is no evidence to prove that eating poultry will either save you from coronavirus.


7) Home remedies such as honey, lemon, turmeric, garlic can save you from COVID-19

There is no evidence to support any of this claim, but practice good hygiene and social distancing for now.


8) Masks will save you from getting the virus

Masks are recommended to those who are sick so that they can limit the spread of this disease.

If you're healthy and wearing a mask, please wash your hands before wearing it, or adjusting it.

If you're touching your face at any point, mask or no mask, wash your hands first.


9) COVID-19 is airborne

The novel coronavirus is droplet-borne.

When in contact with others, maintain a distance of about 6 feet as the droplets (from sneezing or coughing) can fall up to 3-5 feet.


10) Alcohol can kill the virus

No report has suggested that drinking alcohol can kill the novel coronavirus.


Don't believe in any myths related to COVID-19 without the proper information. 

Visit the official website of WHO for all the information related to coronavirus.

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