What is Cyberbullying and How to Stop Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Use of the internet, social media platforms, or any electronic means to send, post or share negative, harmful, false, or mean content about another individual can be understood as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying works in much the same way as any other form of bullying in which the victim feels threatened, afraid and lonely. Cyberbullying has increased due to the anonymity offered by the Internet and digital media. It has become an increasingly important social concern, as cyberbullying can have a significant impact on the health of individuals. It can also cause physical, mental, and emotional problems.


In our previous article, we discussed cyber crime and its types and in the last few days, we discussed many cybercrimes. Like Phishing, Trojan Horse, Ransomware Attacks, and many more. Check out our Cybercrime and Cyberattack series if you're interested. 


Examples of Cyberbullying

Here are several examples I've seen over the years:

1. Creating a fake account dedicated to bashing one person or a group of people.

2. Posting people at their most vulnerable state or sharing rumours

3. Threatening the victim(s) via text or post

4. Commenting on the victim’s post

5. Fighting them in person then /admin/uploading the video or image of it on social media (most commonly on Instagram)

6. Posting the victim’s nudes

7. Posting screenshots of messages that the victim would not like other people seeing


I shouldn't have seen it on my social media; I shouldn't have been through some of these listed above. If you have children, educate them on the importance of respect and how cyberbullying affects the victim. If you are the parent to a kid who cyberbullies, educate them, help them grow, and hold them accountable. Kids build our future, teach them youth.


Difference between Bullying and Cyberbullying

 The only difference between bullying and cyberbullying is that it is done online rather than in person. That being said - cyberbullying also spreads further and involves more people, but it’s still bullying.


How to Deal with Cyberbullying?

Well, I've never personally encountered this, but I know how to.

1. Ignore them. If You Don't respond, They Probably Won't Keep Doing It. If they keep doing it, move onto step 2.

2. Ask them to stop. In fact, maybe you should ask them this before and after step 1.

3. Tell someone you trust, like your parent/guardian, partner or your best friend, they will most likely help.

4. And if none of those work, there should be a way to report or block someone on social media or games


Why Don’t Some People take Cyberbullying Seriously?

Because it’s not face-to-face bullying. This is done by people on the internet, trolls who can hide behind the mask of anonymity.


If a child reports it to a parent, they can simply say, "Just block them and turn off the Internet." and pass it as not important. It's not that easy to ignore and bully someone, which can be a problem when more serious issues come up.


But I understand why they don't take it as seriously as what we call physical bullying. Just block the people who are bothering you, maybe delete your social media account or account from the texting app, so they can't find you again, and just move on and about and do something else.


If, on the other hand, you're being threatened, that's an entirely different story. It is problematic for those involved as they may not take it seriously, but it can be dangerous for the victim. You should definitely call for help and contact the police if something like this is happening and you are sure you are in danger.


Otherwise, for victims of cyberbullies, I know it's hard. It sucks butt. There are so many negative people on the internet, and they are just bitter, angry people that unleash their negativity on people o. the internet. I remember getting into petty fights in YouTube comments about literally nothing. They used to insult me ​​and say that I was a fool or something. But when I stopped commenting/answering, the problem went away. I stopped being as cranky at home as I was and enjoyed life more. Not saying that your situation is that simple, but that's all I am saying.

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