IP Spoofing: What It is?, and How It Work?

IP Spoofing

What is IP Spoofing?

The concept of IP Spoofing can be understood in the following way:

1. The term 'spoof' or 'spoofing' refers to copying, deceiving, or deceiving, thus the term IP spoofing refers to the art of copying an IP address.


2. This is the era of the digital world and everyone is moving towards digitization, we all know that all the devices that are connected to a network and no longer stand-alone devices need to have a unique address corresponding to that particular network. Other devices in the network are aware of the existence of all other objects in the network and these unique addresses act as the names of humans in the real world.


Thus, what I mean to say is that these IP addresses are unique names of devices in a network and can be used to create communication between devices in the network.


3. As for the concept of IP spoofing, it is not always necessary and imperative that it be done on a live IP address or on a real-IP address, this can be done in the case of LANs and private networks where IP addresses are local IPs. address range.


4. In case of IP spoofing, what actually happens, suppose when I was connected to a network, I was given an IP address of and there are 2 more computers A and B whose IP address is 192.168 is .1.1. 0.3/24 and respectively. Now suppose, computer A wants to send some message to computer B and all these devices are connected through a switch, then now computer A sends the data to the switch so that the switch can send me data to computer B, the normal operation It will work as we all know.


But here, if I spoof my IP to IP and keep advertising it to all objects in the network, then switch things up that the latest ad is the actual system to which the data is sent had to go and it forwards the data to my advertised IP address system and here I get a chance to capture the packet and there is a high chance that I can change the content of the packet or send the packet without changing the actual I can The owner after reading the contents of the packet. Thus, here even when the package was not there for me, I read the data and got the information. Thus, IP spoofing can be dangerous.


5. IP spoofing is generally conceptualized with a pair of ARP poisonings; one of the possible solutions to prevent this is to bind IP addresses with MAC addresses.


How Does IP Spoofing Works?

  • A fake IP address sends a malicious message with an IP address that appears to be authentic and reliable.


  • IP headers are masked through a form of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in which spoofers discover and then manipulate important information contained in IP headers such as IP addresses and source and destination information.

Many people think that IP spoofing is allowing unauthorized access to the computer but this fact is not true, it is just a myth.


IP Spoofing Technique Hijacks Computers With DDoS (Denial-of-Service) Attacks, It's A Real Fact.

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