Job Frauds and Fake Job Scam | How to Identify Fake Job

Job Frauds and Fake Job Scam

There is a new scam in the market, and if you are looking for a job or internship at the moment, then you can get stuck in this scam, this scam has trapped millions of people.


Yes, I am talking about the Fake Job Scams.


At first, I thought it's a normal scam but as soon as, when I started doing research, I got a big news headline that shook me.


And this news headline stated- “In the name of union ministry, scammers created the job portal using which they have looted 27000 people”.


Now the more shocking part is that by robbing 27000 people, they have collected up to one crore rupees and this is only one case, there are n-number of such cases.


So we have to understand that these job frauds are a big problem and many scammers want to target you at this time.


Now the question is how fake job scam happens and how to avoid job frauds.


But before that, let's understand who is the target of these scammers?


Just think about this, if there is an emergency at your house due to which you have to think twice to get milk and curd.


You have your EMI, House Rent, Education, and your family hoping that you will provide them a better lifestyle.


At such a time, if someone tells you that they will give you a job of 50-60 thousand rupees ($700) and for this, you have to pay 2000 rupees ($25) only.


What will you do at that moment?


Obliviously, you will say yes!!!


Just like this, taking advantage of the compulsion of people, these fraudsters show greed for jobs. They collect money from people and as soon as you transfer money to their account, these people disappear.


This is how scammers scam, but the question is how to find if someone is scamming or not because there are genuine jobs too in the market.


So, let’s understand how to spot fake jobs?


How to Identify Fake Job?


Fake Job Portal:

If someone tells you that you have to download an app or “check out our website”, or a person shares a link that redirects you to a website.


And ask you to fill in your personal information and confidential details like email ID and Password, or bank details like your CVV, password, or any kind of OTP, then please try to understand that it is a Scam.


Because as soon as you enter these confidential details, they will get all your bank details and your entire bank account will be empty overnight.


Most of you are might think that how it can be a scam.


Because no one would ask you to enter the confidential details if someone is genuinely hiring. What he or she will do with your bank details?


Be aware...never share your confidential details with anyone.


Registration fee for Job:

This is the most common way to scam, and in my own social circle, many people have been scammed by this technique.


This procedure is such that in the name of the registration process, security deposits, or background verification, the fraudster will ask you for money.


They ensure you that they will refund registration fees to you after your joining. (They offer refund sometimes to attract people)


Sadly, that day never comes!


Now the interesting thing is that these scammers are improving their techniques.




So basically, sometimes they will not ask you to pay money directly.


Instead, they took your interview and other 3 to 4 interview processes and provided you an offer letter.


After that, they will ask you for money.


Now obliviously you have completed so many processes, and you have an offer letter in your hand, which makes you trust them.


And at this moment, you got trapped in a scam.


You paid the money and waiting for the joining, but guess what, the fraudster flew away with your money and hopes…


Here you have to understand that if a company offers you a good amount of salary, they do not need your small money for a background check or verification.


So, if anyone asks you for money for registration, background verification, security deposit, or any excuse, please do not give money to them and understand that he is a fraudster.


Fake Job Email:

If someone emailed you and that email came from some reputed companies but using a free email address, that means Scammers are targeting you.


Let’s understand this with an example…


If a person contacts you via E-mail named John from a reputed company like Reliance, and if his email is a free email address i.e. if it says,, then 101% he is a fraudster.


Why, because there are companies like Reliance, they have custom email addresses where the company has its own extension in front of the employee's name i.e. if the person is really contacting you from Reliance, then their E-mail ID will be like John@ril.


So if someone tells you that he is from a reputed company, and he is doing a free email address, then please understand that he is a fraudster.


And by using these simple points, you can help yourself and your friends to save from fake job scams.


Everyone needs to know this because once a person victim of these scams, and then tomorrow if there will be an opportunity in his hand that can change his life, still he or she will not be able to trust anyone.

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