How Your Phone Will Be Hacked While Charging?

How Your Phone Will Be Hacked While Charging?

Juice Jacking

Hacking and phishing have become very common these days. Your personal data can be hacked very easily by sending phishing emails, visiting fake websites, and more. It seems surprising that your phone can also get hacked while charging. It’s going on today.


So the name of the method is juice jacking. It can easily hack your mobile phone, tablet, and other computer devices while charging. Now you must be wondering what is juice jacking, how does it affects and what can we do to stop it? You got the answers in today's article. Come on, let's begin.


What is Juice Jacking?

It is a type of cybercrime. Juice Jacking is a security exploit in which an infected USB charging station is used to compromise connected devices.


How does it Affect?

Juice Jacking involves either installing malware or copying sensitive data from your smartphones, tablets, and other computer devices.


Example: Malicious codes that would infect android devices with bad USB.


How to Prevent It?

1. Switch off your phone before recharging in public.

2. Always carry a power bank while going out of the station.

3. Avoid opening the password pattern tool.

4. Buy a data disable charger cable.


I hope you liked the article. If you like it then share it with your friends and family that no one has come across this type of cybercrime and share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.  

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