What are KeyLogger and Keystroke Logging?


What is a Key Logger?

A key logger is a program that records all your keystrokes and sends the information to your server; it can send the logs to an e-mail ID or some IP address.


There are also hardware key loggers. These are some hardware, they work somewhat like software once But are more accurate because they start logging the major stock even before your OS boots.


What is the Meaning of Keystroke Logging?

The act of recording the keys a person presses while using a computer, keystroke logging is often done covertly by malicious spyware in an attempt to capture passwords.


What is the Best Use of Key Logger?

I have in fact used a keylogger before. Mainly for security purposes.


Uses for Keyloggers include but are not limited to:


1. Security

2. Hacking

3. Spying

4. Visual Proof

5. Password Storage

6. Fun

7. Pranks


The best use for a keylogger is for security. Have you ever wondered if someone crawls your files when you're not looking? Well, now you can. A keylogger will record every keystroke and every open window so you know if someone was on your computer. Some keyloggers may send a log.txt file to your email so that you know what was happening on your computer during your absence.


*Using a keylogger to steal passwords and private information is illegal

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