Coronavirus Shortages: Black Marketing of Oxygen

Black Marketing in Oxygen

The second wave of Covid-19 in India is deadly. A terrible tragedy unfolding across the country today.


India is currently witnessing a shortage of oxygen cylinders in the wake of coronavirus.


We have seen that people are having trouble breathing and oxygen cylinders are not available.


There are reports of people dying one after another due to lack of oxygen.


It’s the tragedy of people struggling for oxygen.


India is literally gasping for breath.


There is a scramble not only for beds in hospitals but also for oxygen.


Many hospitals across several parts of the country are running out of oxygen.


Because of oxygen shortages, long queues being seen for oxygen across several hospitals in the country.


But it gets worst because what’s happening now is black marketing of oxygen.


Some vendors are charging two to three times more for just refilling oxygen tanks.


This is how a man-made tragedy at times can unfold.


People are desperate for oxygen, but guess what, there are people black marketing in oxygen.


As the supply of oxygen reached a breaking point in the face of the second devastating wave of coronavirus, vendors have begun black marketing a resource that can be pulled from the air, selling for more than five times the normal price.


Some oxygen dealers demanding a minimum price of 1500 Rs. for a refill of a large oxygen cylinder that would otherwise cost just Rs. 300 to Rs. 500.


According to the union health ministry, clinical demand for oxygen has jumped to 60% of the overall daily production because of the ongoing crisis.


The government has banned the supply of oxygen for many industries to meet hospital requirements.


Price caps are already in place, but data points to a different problem.


A large gap between current stocks of oxygen in both medical and industrial supplies causes a serious shortage.


And that in turn has led to black marketing of the oxygen.


Along with the difficulty in breathing for patients, the black marketing of oxygen is also increasing.


There is an extreme crisis happening in India concerned with the availability of oxygen supply


Oxygen is a basic requirement for humans to live.


And this pandemic hugely affected the lives of everyone on this planet.


Because of the lack of oxygen supplies in hospitals, covid patients are suffering the most.


And many patients died because of the non-availability of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals.


Who is accountable for this crisis?


Ever since the pandemic began, the government supposed to set up 150 new oxygen plants

However, the government has suffered heavy delays.


It took the government 8 months to invite bids. Many of these gas systems are still inoperable today.


Not only oxygen, but people are Black Marketing Blood Plasma too.


Hit by a brutal wave, shortage of supplies, and profiteering at the same time. 


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