8 Most Common Instagram Scam in 2021

Most Common Type of Instagram Scams

Instagram is a platform where you can /admin/upload your photos, shoot your videos, you can make new friends, you can talk to your friends, family members, and relatives. And it gives you many other features like Instagram Reels. Instagram has become a very popular social media platform among people.


But as fast as its popularity is increasing, scams/frauds are also increasing on it.


In this article, we walk you through 10 Instagram scams you need to avoid.


Most Common Instagram Scams


1. Phishing Attack

A phishing attack is a scam designed to capture your personal and sensitive information. They give themselves a believable or authoritative look so that they can easily implicate the victim.


Similarly, these scammers also do a phishing attack on Instagram and try to steal your account.


These scammers and fraudsters will send you a link on the Instagram direct message or via email and try to make you look like there is a strike on your account, which can lead to deleting your account. Then they will lure you into their trap and make your login to the fake login page, so they can know your account details.  


2. Fake Influencer Sponsors Scams

Seeing the increasing number of influencers on Instagram, scammers are taking full advantage of this thing and are targeting the influencers. These scammers pretend to be an established brand and offer them advertising deals by luring them with money. Influencer thinks the deal they are getting is genuine, and they provide their bank details or Instagram account details to the fake brand, thinking that they will transfer the money from that deal to their bank.


3. Romance Scams

Romance scammers create fake accounts under the names of unknown people and contact their targets through popular social media sites like Instagram.


Scammers build relationships with their targets to gain their trust, sometimes talking or chatting several times a day. And to make money from their target, they talk or chat with them for weeks, months, or even years and also pretend to be emotionally attached to them so that they keep taking money from that target.


According to cybersecurity, scammers ask you to pay by wiring money, with reload cards, or with gift cards because they can get cash quickly and remain anonymous. They also know the transactions via wiring money are almost impossible to reverse.


We have heard of scammers who say they are working on an oil rig, in the military, and as a doctor for an international organization.


According to FTC, Romance scammers are asking their targets for money

  • Pay for plane tickets or other travel expenses
  • pay for surgery or other medical expenses
  • pay customs duty to get something
  • pay off a gambling debt
  • Pay for Visa or other official travel documents


4. Giveaway Scams

Everyone Gets Excited When He Gets Anything Free Now Called Giveaway


The most recent scam on Instagram and other social media is that they pick one lucky winner, and they mention that you won the prize.


Here are the below screenshots, please be aware and don't give them any money this is a complete scam where they ask you to pay some money in the name of shipping.

Instagram giveaway scams

Instagram giveaway scams Exposed

Instagram scams

Instagram frauds

Instagram giveaway frauds

Instagram giveaway scam

A friend of mine has lost thousands of money in this kind of scam, so please be very cautious. 


5. Loan Scams

In this scam, scammers target you and send you a link on Instagram via direct message or mail and tell you that you are getting this loan at a very good interest rate. You just need to deposit some amount to secure the offer.


Now as soon as you transfer money to them, neither the loan shows up nor these scammers, it means they disappear after taking your money.


6. Investment Scams

One of the most popular scams on Instagram is an investment scam. These people convince you to invest in schemes like 'Money Flipping' or 'Get Rich Quick'. And then when you give them your money on the investment side after that these scammers disappear.


Scammers often post photos on Instagram with expensive cars and designer clothes, pretending to have bought them at a young age with their own earnings to convince their victims to invest their money.


I found a page on Instagram, and he is a BTC miner, and he told me that if I invest  $100 I will get paid $10 as ROI for 30 days.


When I asked cyber experts about it, they said it is absolutely a scam, BTC mining doesn't work like this. I can bet my life that this is a scam. Don't invest a dime, instead report them on Instagram.


Anyone who promises you great returns of 10%/month/day is a scam. If they were able to withdraw 120% a year, they would not be running a scam IG page.


7. Jobs Scams

Many people want to work from home and earn income, and scammers know this.


They claim that they have jobs that allow you to earn thousands of dollars every month by working from home, with less time and less effort.


They will trick you into getting your personal information and will also ask you to provide your phone number, home address, social security number, immigration information, passport, and ID documents.


With your personal information, scammers can do the following things:

  • They can access your bank account and withdraw money
  • They can buy expensive stuff in your name
  • They could steal your retirement
  • They can open new bank accounts in your name or even take credit loans.
  • They can access your government's online services
  • They can access your social media accounts and impersonate you to deceive your family and friends.


8. Picture Picker Scam

Picture picker scam is a simple yet lucrative scam that tricks you into clicking on phishing links by playing on your insecurities. The scam starts when you get a message in your inbox from one of your friends on Instagram claiming that your photos were picked by the picture picker. These messages will begin with phrases like;

  • "Wonderful, they just pick your photos" (note the typo)
  • "Look, they're on top!"
  • Your pictures were selected, you are among the top choices!


These messages will also contain a link at the bottom of the picture picker page with the title 'Picture picker (we choose pics)'. The latest version of these messages includes a preview of the account which shows the following figures.

  • 4 following
  • 9 posts


Naturally, anyone who is not familiar with these scams will click on such links thinking it is their lucky day, but alas, you will only see a blank page. By the time you find out that you have been defrauded, hackers may have accessed your account and sent similar messages to your friends from your account. And the cycle continues like this.

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