Top 5 platforms to watch free movies/web series

Top 5 platforms to watch free movies/web series

Top 5 platforms to watch free movies/web series

I know you are here in the greed of Thop TV alternatives. So you must have known about Thop TV phenomenon if you don't know, read Thop TV Incident 


Here are the Top 5 platforms to watch free movies/web series.

1. Oreo TV

2. Pikashow

3. Cinehub

4. Kodi

5. Mobdro TV


1. Oreo Tv

Oreo TV is an Android app by which you can stream TV channels from your mobile to Smart TV.


Oreo TV does not require registration, so you can start watching your favorite channels without having to sign-up. Oreo TV supports many video formats and TV channels from many countries including India, so it is becoming quite popular.


This app is currently not available on Play store but can be downloaded online from their homepage by searching Google.


2. PikaShow

Pikashow is a free Android application that you can use to stream movies, live TV, sports, web-series, TV shows and much more. Although everyone can use this app, it is primarily aimed at Indian audiences who have a keen interest in movies. You can stream your favorite shows and series from more platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.


The best part of this is it is very well categorized which makes it very easy for the users.


3. CineHub

Cinehub is a lightweight app that doesn't use much of your device resources. It will display all the trending content from action, comedy, sci-fi, and other genres on the home page for the best user experience. Apart from this, you will get to read complete information about a particular movie which includes IMDB Rating, Year of Release, Start Cast, etc.


4. Kodi

Kodi is a free program that has been available for many years. You can install it on your PC, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and many other devices. It's like a "holding" program for other programs.


These other programs stream content to your PC or TV, such as movies and TV shows from around the world. Basically anything you'd find on satellite or cable. The reason it's popular is because the programs are free, so you can watch movies that are only on the paid view for free. The only catch with all this is that it is illegal to stream programs for which you would normally have to pay. This is what Napster used to be. Lots of people used it but they are taking a chance. Since it all comes over the Internet, your provider for the Internet can cancel your service if they want to. You usually got a written warning before this happened.


5. Mobdro Tv

Mobdro app allows users to stream videos on Android devices for free. Mobdro continuously searches YouTube for the best videos and then provides all the links in just one place to the users. Mobdro can be used to easily find streams around the world on various topics in different languages. 

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