Why Rape Happens and What We Can Do to stop Rape

Why Rape Happens and How to Stop Rape

World is fighting against Rape. A United Nations statistical report compiled from government sources showed that over 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries.


The question is why rape happens?


Dr. Smithyman interviewed around 50 rapists and published a dissertation. His findings weren’t much different from that of Madhumita Pandey, who had done research on the same topic two years prior to him.

Madhumita Pandey and Dr. Smithyman's research are very rare. They teach us the mentality of a rapist.


It's important to understand a rapist's motivation and thought processes as we seldom discuss them.


After each rape case, we focus only on what women should do to prevent rapes.

According to our society, always wait in crowded areas and don't hesitate to call the police, don't go out late at night, etc.


We often focus more on the victims rather than rapists.

We would never come closer to understanding rapes until we understand the perpetrator.


In this article, we will answer this crucial question, what are the motivation of a rapist? Why do they rape? What are the solutions to this problem?


Note: All the information in this article is based on different researches.


After a heinous rape case, we often label rapists as monsters or animals.

As no human would ever commit such an awful crime.


That's true!


But many researchers assert that when they talked to rapists, they sound like a sane individual and were surprised to find that rapist conversing with him normally. 


This doesn't mean we should justify the action of these criminals, but in order to solve the problem of rape, we need to understand the rapist first.


Many researchers state that most rapists show no remorse and don't accept that they have perpetrated any serious crime.


Merry koss, a professor of public health asserts that, when she asks rapist if they had forced themselves on their victims, the rapist generally agrees, but when she asked if they raped they would deny it.


Studies have shown that people who kept sex slaves during wars didn't accept that they actually raped their victims.


Researchers say that rapists don't realize that they have actually committed a crime and raped someone. Rapists do not understand the concept of rape itself.


Studies found that rapist blame the victim for the incident.

This is called cognitive dissonance, something that showed in the BBC documentary India's daughter. 


There are many reasons behind cognitive dissonance.

The rapist could simply believe that his sexual needs are more important, or that men's sexual drive is uncontrollable.


Madhumita Pandey interviewed 65 murder convicts to understand if other criminals blame their victim too.

But the response work contrary to that of rapist. The murderer blames themselves and not their victims. While the rape convicts blamed the victims.


Rapist thinks the victim was provoking them, and just because of their sexual orientation, they raped. 

This shows us that the rapist does not understand rape and consent.


Why Rape Happens?

this observation might apply to many rapists, but we can divide the motivation of rapists into two types.


The first reason is that men rape women for biological and evolutionary reasons.


The explanation being that rape is a reproductive strategy by man to ensure the continuation of the genetic material and heredity.


If you believe in this theory, you can reason that every man has a tendency to perpetrate sexual violence.


Another theory suggests that sexual violence occurs because of social-cultural or man-made reason.


If you consider rapists to be monsters or animals, then you most likely support the biological theory. But if you consider that his society motivates a rapist, then you believe in cultural theory.


The biological theory can't explain the commonplace of rape in some countries and its rarity in others. 


If rape and sexual violence are natural things, then every country should have a similar rape rate, but that's not the case.


Even if the biological theory holds some truth, sexual violence can't be explained without cultural theory.


We can say both these theories play a part in explaining sexual violence, as according to researchers, there are different types of rapists.


For example, the opportunistic rapists who rape according to certain situations.


If a woman denies having a consensual sex or if they realize that the woman and her family won't take serious action if they commit the crime.

The societal factor is more applicable in this case.


Another one is specialized rapists who find satisfaction through sexual violence. The biological factor will be better explained in this case.


What we can do to stop Rape?

We need to understand that rape is not a crime that is all about sex, it's a crime that's about power, suppression, domination, intimidation.


Rapist's narrative will not just about victim blaming, it could also be caste, extreme poverty, not understanding consent, role of wife, different stereotypes.


So, we need to counter societal practices. 


The first step would be to accept the fact that there is a problem with our society. We should focus more on our society and its practices.


By labeling rapist as a monster or animal, we are just saving our society from criticism.


The death penalty doesn't solve the problem.

It's just a short-term solution to satisfy people who are asking for justice.


We need to understand that there is not a golden solution to this problem, one cannot change our society overnight.

What does a society include? It includes us, our family, our schools, its people with whom we live.

Until we don't change these things, we can never solve this problem.


Even today we hear cases of female foeticide. Even when they grow up, we put a barrier between them and the boys, there is an unequal distribution of resources. 


To change this attitude, we need to bring great reform in our education, legal and political system.


We need to campaign nationwide. Sex education, general awareness, etc. must be spread in our society.


We need to understand the root of rape to find a better solution.


I hope you liked the article, share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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