Are Electric Vehicles Good? Future of Electric Vehicles and Tesla in India

Electric Vehicles in India

The upcoming decade is going to be a fully electric car. Electric cars are widely expected to be our future cars, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability all over the world.


Tesla is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world and has increased annual sales from $400 million in 2012 to $31.5 billion in 2020.


Do you know Tesla is coming to India in 2021?


I was excited when I heard this news. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm did not last long for one reason, i.e. money!


In this article, we will discuss which Tesla car is coming to India and how much it will cost? Are electric vehicles better? Or whether it is just a trend? And Future of Electric vehicles in India.


There are many car manufacturers, but Tesla is making a futuristic car. We all used to imagine that in the future, we will have a self-driving car, in which we will have to open the map, insert the destination, and the car will drive itself.


Tesla manufactures these cars in the present time.


The interesting thing is Tesla Electric Car can go from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. Tesla Model X can pull Boeing 787.


Since the car is electric, there is no cost of petrol and diesel; this means it is environment friendly.


I know most of the people are excited to buy Tesla Car. They are daydreaming about Tesla.


But wait a minute!


The major factor is cost.


How Much Does Tesla Cost?

Teslas Model 3 is its cheapest variant starts from 38k USD, i.e. around 28,00,000 INR.


Estimates say that when this car will finally arrive in India, it will cost 60,00,000, which is out of the budget of many people.


Now the question is...


Why is there such a big difference between prices in foreign countries and India?


Tesla will be imported from the manufacturers' country and sold directly to Indian customers.


Such vehicles attract a direct 100% customs duty that instantly doubles the price for customers.


The government says that you can assemble your cars in India, and we will reduce your import duty.


This move will increase jobs in India and reduce prices.


If not manufacturing in India, then where Tesla car manufactures?


In China! But why?


Elon Musk is a smart man!!!


He thought it is better to manufacture where there is a ready market and existing infrastructure, and most importantly, where there are lithium mines.


Because the raw material used for electric vehicle batteries is lithium.


China is in the top 6 countries with the largest lithium reserves in the world.


The Chinese government encourages electric vehicles and infrastructure. Sales of electric cars in China are increasing every year. The upcoming future is electric, and China knows it very well.


India does not have much lithium reserves; so in the future too, India will have to import lithium from other countries.


But we can encourage electric vehicle sales and infrastructure in India and bring global car manufacturers to the country to manufacture electric vehicles in India.


And with these steps, India will be an automotive manufacturing hub in 5 years.


Are Electric Vehicles Good?

Every technology has its own challenges. The environmental damage when making batteries for electric vehicles is much greater than the damage from making regular (ICE vehicles) cars.


We generate most of our electricity from coal, which is itself a major pollutant.


Electric does not mean 100% green vehicles, yet they are better than petrol/diesel.


From the point of view of the economy, we import crude oil. Last year, India imported crude oil worth 7,28,112 crores.


When electric vehicles increase, the demand for crude oil will also reduce.


Adopting electric vehicles can help India save $300 Billions.


That's why electric vehicles are good news for India.


And you know what news is more exciting than Tesla coming to India?


Next "Tesla" could be from India!


Future of Electric Vehicles in India

Companies like Tata Mahindra, Ashok Leyland are making electric vehicles.


Tata Motor Cars are not as futuristic as Tesla, but these are quite under budget for the Indian market and customers.


Ashok Leyland's buses can charge batteries in 15 seconds. Several brands are delivering smart scooters to Indian homes.


At the same time, to avoid battery import and promote localization, Bengaluru company Log 9 Materials making aluminium fuel cells that are 30% cheaper and give a thousand-kilometre range as well.


Indian companies and startups are trying to solve problems in the Indian electric vehicle market such as cost, charging time, lithium batteries.


Apart from that, proper government policy support is necessary for the electric vehicle market to thrive.


With this, India may lead the electric vehicle market by 2030.


The future of India and the world is electric. Your next vehicle may be an electric one.


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