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Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 is all set to showcase the strength with advanced features and technology announced by Microsoft on June 24, 2021.

They designed Windows 11 for productivity, creativity and ease, and faster, more secure and familiar for IT

Windows 11 focused on simplified design and user experience to empower productivity and inspire creativity. It’s modern, fresh, clean and beautiful. From the new Start button and taskbar to font and icon, they deliberately did everything to control and bring a sense of calm and ease.

Start button is placed at the center to make it easier to quickly find what we need. Microsoft 365 is turns out to be on advanced level.

New in Windows 11, they introduced Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops to provide a powerful way to multitask. These are additional features designed to help organize windows and optimize screen real. You can also create separate Desktops for each task and customize them to your liking.


Windows 11 cuts through complexity and brings you simplicity

In Windows 11, they introduced Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated in the taskbar. That means, now you can connect through text, chat, voice or video with all of your personal contacts, anywhere.

Here the interesting thing is, no matter the platform or device they’re on, across Windows, Android or iOS, also if the person you’re connecting to on the other end hasn’t downloaded the Teams app, you can still connect with them via two-way SMS.

Windows 11 also gives you a more natural way to connect with friends and family through Teams directly from taskbar.


If you are a gamer, then Windows 11 is made for you

Windows 11 unlocks the full potential of system’s hardware, putting some of the latest gaming technology to work for you, like-

  • DirectX 12 Ultimate, which can enable breath-taking, immersive graphics at high frame rates
  • DirectStorage for faster load times and more detailed game worlds
  • Auto HDR for a wider, more vivid range of colours for a truly captivating visual experience


Windows 11 supports PC gaming accessories and peripherals. With Xbox Game Pass for PC, gamers get access to over 100 high-quality PC games, with new games added all the time.

You can know more about windows 11 for gamers by following the link.

Windows 11 brings the News & Information widget - a new personalized feed powered by AI and best-in-class browser performance from Microsoft Edge.


Windows 11 updated Microsoft Store

An all-new Microsoft Store is single trusted location for apps and content to watch, create, play, work and learn. It’s been rebuilt for speed and with an all-new design that is simple to use and looks beautiful. Microsoft team also said “We’re excited to soon be welcoming leading first and third-party apps like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and Canva to the Microsoft Store – all offering incredible experiences to entertain, inspire and connect you”.

Also, Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows for the first time. Starting later this year, we will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft has a partnership with Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology.


Windows 11 for developers

Windows 11 is taking steps to further open the Microsoft Store to unlock greater economic opportunity for creators and developers. Microsoft is enabling developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring their apps, creating an opportunity to reach and engage with more people regardless of whether they’re built as a Win32, Progressive Web App (PWA), or Universal Windows App (UWP) or any other app framework.

Microsoft also announced a progressive change to their revenue share policies where app developers can now bring their own commerce into Microsoft Store and keep 100% of the revenue – Microsoft takes nothing. App developers can still use Microsoft’s commerce with competitive revenue share of 85/15.

If you are interested, you can check all the updates in the Microsoft Store.


Windows 11 Free Upgrade

Upgrading to Windows 11 will be like taking Windows 10 update.

Windows 11 is built on the consistent, compatible and familiar Windows 10 foundation.

Windows 11 provides a Zero Trust-ready operating system to protect data and access across devices.

The familiar management experiences you have in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, cloud configuration, Windows Update for Business and Autopilot will support your environment as you integrate Windows 11 into your estate.

Just as with Windows 10, Microsoft is deeply committed to app compatibility, which is a core design tenet of Windows 11.

Windows 11 is also secure by design, with new built-in security technologies that will add protection from the chip to the cloud, while enabling productivity and new experiences.

Windows 11 will be available through a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs beginning this holiday.

To check if your current Windows 10 PC is eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 11, visit Windows.com to download the PC Health Check app.

The free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 PCs this holiday and continuing into 2022.


Windows 11 for Tablets

If you are going to use Windows 11 on a tablet without a keyboard, then they have improved the experience for touch, creating more space between the icons in the taskbar, adding bigger touch targets and subtle visual cues to make resizing and moving windows easier, as well as adding gestures.

Windows 11 also enabling haptics to make using your pen even more engaging and immersive – allowing you to hear and feel the vibrations as you click through and edit or sketch.

Lastly, Windows 11 brought forward enhancements in voice typing.

Windows 11 is incredible at recognizing what you say; it can automatically punctuate for you and comes with voice commands. This is a fantastic feature for when you want to take a break from typing and speak your ideas instead.

For more information, visit the official website of Microsoft.

What your take on Windows 11, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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